Wooten and Herring at the Peel; It was THE Place to be

Review by Breanne Smith

Photos by Lori Sky Twohy

So we all know Jimmy Herring and Victor Wooten as two huge jam rock power houses and masters of their instruments. However, these two, four and six string virtuoso’s have released their jazz- fusion bubbles for us all to pop on their latest tour together. Upon entering the Orange Peel on the crowded Monday night of November 5th, most were expecting a few roaring bass notes, Vic’s signature instrumental solo’s, Jimmy’s stoic guitar playing and maybe some Panic covers. However, what we got was a fresh taste of the lighter, even more talented side of the two when they cranked out the jazzy, instrumental tunes which the audience enjoyed by swinging in unison.
There is no doubt in the music world that Victor Wooten is the leader in bass-mastery. Anywhere from 4 to 8 strings, Vic owns it. He’s not only a teacher of this instrument, but has influenced many musicians around the world.

He is a composer, producer, author and on top of all of that, has won 5 Grammy awards.If you don’t know this mesmerizing talent that is Vic, then you should start at his most popularly known band, Bela Fleck and The Flecktones. He is usually seen playing his signature Fedora bass, which on this specific night, he flung around his shoulders a few times. His band of talented musicians fluctuates with the location and availability of performers, but this night he graced the stage with J. D. Blair, Anthony Wellington , Steve Bailey, Derico Watson, Dave Welsch and Krystal Peterson.

This specific night, Vic played a plethora of tunes but most notably, “Overjoyed” by Stevie Wonder and a couple Jackson 5 covers. Vic’s solo bass loop jam at near the end was in tune perfectly with Krystal Peterson on vocals. The crowd’s energy changed drastically once Jimmy took the stage. Vic’s laid back demeanor was a perfect opener to the night ahead.

Vic says, “In music and in life, my parents and brothers were foundation. They prepared me for life by giving and teaching me love and honesty. They also taught me to keep my mind open and to learn to adapt to life’s ever-changing circumstances. Their guidance has helped me stay grounded today.”

Continuing to grow as a person, artist, and teacher, Victor Wooten is always willing to share his gifts with all who desire to learn. Offering CDs, DVDs, lectures, workshops, and camps, as well as his groundbreaking novel The Music Lesson (Berklee Publishing – a division of the Penguin Group) Victor Wooten is guaranteed to remain a positive force in the music industry.
He’s currently on tour promoting his new album, “Sword and Stone” and “Words and Tones”.

Jeff Sipe, Neil Fountain, Nicky Sanders, Matt Slocum and of course, Jimmy Herring make up this band of jazz-filled jammers in the Jimmy Herring Band. Jeff Sipe is a long time native of jam bands such as Leftover Salmon, Phish and Widespread Panic. He tours on and off with Jeff Coffin and the Mu’tet as well as Keller Williams and most recently, Jimmy Herring. Herring says Jeff “Lives for music,” which is why he is Herring’s first pick for drumming in his band.

Nicky Sanders is a classically trained violinist and studied at Berklee, where Herring also spend his time studying music. He is a member of Steep Canyon Rangers and currently calls the mountains of North Carolina his home.

The folks that make up Jimmy’s group released a jazz wave that swept you under this night at The Orange Peel. The band teased Pink Floyd’s “Shine On” and played a personal favorite, “Rainbow” which is an instrumental written about Sipe’s wife. A few friends have notably said that Jimmy’s cover of “A Day in the Life” is the best Beatles’ music/cover they have ever heard and I have to agree.

These tunes were all encompassed with a jazz-fusion tone on the bed of good ole’ rock n’ roll topped with an obvious jam over tone. Jimmy’s guitar tone seemed to grab the attention of every person in the room and once it had their attention,  they were locked in until the end.

“I’ve seen Jimmy 3 times this year and once before when he toured with the same line up in 2010. There’s definitely a drastic change in their playing since the new record. The combination of both artists showcasing their unique and renown playing was almost mind-boggling to be witnessing at the same show,” says Scott Shrader. Scott has seen the two, collectively close to 7 times.

Set List-

1. Funky Miracle 2. Duke and Cookie 3. Emerald Garden 4. Miss People * 5. Since I’ve Been Loving You * 6. Scapegoat Blues * 7. Sweet Dreams 8. Rainbow 9. Heads Up 10. A Day In the Life > 11. Bilgewater Blues 12. -encore break- 13. E: Within You Without You

* w/ Nicky Sanders

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