STS9 Wraps Up their Winter Tour in the heart of AVL (aka The Orange Peel)

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Review by Jamie Kastriches images-1

The final stop of STS9’s Winter Tour was a two night run in Asheville held at the cherished downtown gem The Orange Peel. They haven’t played the venue in 7 years, which made the experience that much sweeter!

Hours before show time fans littered the streets frantically trying to find the scarce tickets, which sold out in less than a week. I met devoted fans that flew down for the show ranging from Colorado to England!

As everyone lined up to enter we were greeted with a sign which read ‘No Glow Sticks, No Hula Hoops, No Babies”, which left a few Hoopers upset, but once inside, the energy began to flow.

Even though it was sold out, there was still plenty of room for each person to jam out.

After STS9’s 2 night run in Atlanta, fans didn’t know quite what to expect since both nights had stellar sets.

As the lights dimmed the boys took stage to play and the crowd instantly erupted.

They picked up their instruments, prepared their laptops and jumped into an energetic ‘Golden Gate’, followed by a funky ‘Monkey Music’.

A few songs later they played the Techno infused jam ‘Chrystal Instrument’ a fairly rare treat to hear. The bass packed a punch and the crowds appreciation was obvious.

Halfway through the second set, the funk arrived with a sharp ‘Ramone & Emiglio.’ With booming bass lines, their musicianship shined.

‘Simulator’, a new song was played and the crowd seemed pleased!

The energy settled over the next few songs.

The definite highlight of the night was the closer, an intense lengthy ‘Baraka’, which had us grooving all the way to the end!

The expectations for night 2 were high. As we waited in line to get in, we were greeted with another sign on the door which read “Due to a family emergency Minnesota (opening act) will not be performing. Therefore Tribe would take the stage earlier and play longer!

The band confidently took the stage and began to play a slew of fan favorites that left us in a trance. The lighting director, Saxton Waller was on fire, giving us a beautiful light show and beaming us down with lasers, which definitely made for a euphoric atmosphere.

Tribe dug deep into their vaults and busted out ‘Kabuki’, which completely blew minds, they immediately jumped into the prized Spacey other worldly sounding ‘Blu Mood’, ‘South of here’ was also a noteworthy jam.

The band seemed to have figured out what the fans wanted judging from the Night 1, playing in a much more raw/grimy style which we were all grateful for.

As the second set ended, they went back for a very short break while the crowd chanted for more! They came out and played a 2 song encore which left the fans speechless! ‘Circus’ into ‘Equinox’, which had the strongest crowd reaction from both nights combined.

After they finished Murph walked up to the microphone and said that this was one of his favorite stops on the whole tour! He then began to chat with fans, taking pictures and signing autographs, clearly enjoying his stay in Asheville.

As time passed,  the Orange Peel crew directed everyone outside, the party didn’t seem to end as everyone stood outside discussing what they had just witnessed.

All that we look forward to now is The 2013 Spring Tour!


Night 1

1. Golden Gate

2. Monkey Music

3. Frequencies 2>3

4. Chrystal Instrument

5. Vapors

6. Today

7. Tooth

8. Really what?

9. What is love

10. When the dust settles

11. T.W.E.L.V.E.

12. Move my peeps

13. Abcees

14. Ramone & Emiglio

15.  Simulator

16. Bigs

17. Aimlessly

18. Baraka


Night 2

1. 20-12

2. Kabuki

3. Hidden hand, hidden fist

4. Looking back on earth

5. Blu mood

6. Glogli

7. By morning sun

8. South of here

9. Re:stereo

10. Song 2

11. MOD

12. Breathe in

13. Scheme

14. Vibyl

15. Kaya

16. Beyond right now

17. Arigato

18. Inspire strikes back

19. Rent

20. Circus

21. Equinox




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