It’s Barnaroo 2013

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Review by Duncan Chaboudy1010523_397984673650770_418042294_n

On Saturday, I drove north along the French BroadRiver towards MadisonCounty.  Alas, a large wooden sign led me off the beaten path and up a gravel road laced with parked cars.  I drove onward, hoping to get a good parking spot. I snaked my way to the security checkpoint where I was led to a great parking spot. Score! I made it to Bornaroo 2013.

As I walked towards the main area, I took in the surroundings. The sound of the performing band grew louder as I walked past colorful displays of art and merchandise. The hot sunlight seemed to make everything bake in their own color.  I noticed people of all ages engaged in all sorts of activities such as painting and playing games. The vibe was perfect for an outdoor summer jam. Oh yeah, that is what it was!

Before I made it to the sound stage, Andrew Scotchie greeted me, thanked me for coming. He had his cell phone in hand to coordinate event traffic for arriving bands and spectators. Andrew co-founded Barnaroo in 2009 with Ryan Ledford.  Since then, the annul event has picked up momentum.  During that period, Andrew’s band The River Rats had also picked up much momentum. The River Rats have been featured in many local publications. Recently, they performed live on News Channel 13 WLOS.

As I entered the big barn, the stage came into view.  This was a really neat place for bands to play. This large barn included a full stage, sound system, loft (as a backstage area), and lighting. To the rear of the barn there were two cameras and microphones with guys from Asheville Channel there to stream the event live.

The band playing at that time was Shorty Can’t Eat Books.  They were great with a very energetic rock energy.  They kept the crowd engaged with songs that transitioned right into the next.  When there was a break in the music, the lead singer would toss bananas and apples into the audience. At one point in the set, the horns section from The River Rats accompanied the band. The evening’s lineup also included David Earle and the Plowshares, Pick Your Switch, The River Rats, and many others.  A lot of art was on display and for sale.  Some artists included Jeff Davidson, Keisha Rene’ Sogueco, and Maggie Rae Tyas.

The whole Barnaroo 2013 spread had a great vibe with people of all ages there to have fun.

Barnaroo has definitely made a name for itself and the people involved have done a great job bringing it up to this level.  The security was very professional and organized, key amenities were provided, and there was lots to do.  As the day turned into night, the energy grew and many stories were created.



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