Funk to the Bone Soul Soldier; A night with The Broadcast and Dumpstaphunk

Review by Rachel Miller

“People are probably toking up before hand” my friend Alina joked as we rolled into an almost empty Orange Peel Thursday night to see The Broadcast and the ever so spirited Dumpstaphunk.  I was prepared to bite the head off anyone who were to give me grief about my backpack purse.  It’s a purse on my back, damn it!- with no weapons or drugs or baby heads, I assure you, Mr. Peel.  But to my delight I was left alone.  There was no fear for the beer was flowing and the freakishly enormous fan and heat lamp was at work to warm up the people.  And Gee Golly gosh darn did I need the warmth when I first heard Caitlin Krisco’s voice of  The Broadcast. I experienced icy chills throughout my entire body.  But shortly after take off my temperature started to rise with the soulful rock and roll that ensued.

I knew it was going to be a show to remember when the first chords struck and an obvious fan leaned into the music with spazzy anticipation spilling her beer with a twist and a jerk.  It couldn’t have been a better first hoorah for the night.  Caitlin was once a platinum blonde and has since turned brunette making her look au natural.  A sexy, natural lady indeed, as she tossed her hair and emitted Grace Potter and Adele sultry rhythms.  The band,  Michael Davis (drums), Matthew Davis (bass) Tyler Housholder (percussion) Guitarist Aaron Austin and keyboardist Rich Brownstein form a stellar wave of rhythm carrying Caitlin Krisko(vocals) as she steers us to somewhere new.   Don’t you love my musical metaphors? The Broadcast formed in Brooklyn NY in 2007 and the members are climbing the ladder to musical acclaim.  Thursday night was a true power to the female performance-attracting all the ladies of the house (one very enthusiastic fan wearing rainbow thigh highs) to the front row center to shake all that makes them woman.  Caitlin had an allure about her, partially due to her sparkly get-up but more so with the confident rockin’ mama attitude. She was great standing in place, but a few high kicks or random bursting out might do some good to help get her point across.

All this girl power talk might give you the wrong idea. This was no girly girl show.  I have no doubt the fellas were feeling the melody. This be Rock and Roll folks, with a little bit O’ soul.  Everyone else in the band you can tell is an excellent musician.  Michael, playing the conga drums, played strong and  his style complimented the funk style rhythm guitar played by Aaron.   The keyboardist had the best facial expressions as he smashed the keys.  I was happy to recognize their song “Hide yourself away,” because I saw their music video on their website earlier.  Hearing it the second time caused it to get stuck in my head all the next day-a catchy tune no doubt about it.  This song can be found on their latest album entitled “Live” released this past March.  The Broadcast plays very well together and they seem to be having a great time on stage.  They were the perfect opener to get the crowd hot and heavy for Dumpstaphunk.

Dirty funk all-stars Dumpstaphunk did not disappoint a hyped up crowd as they made us laugh, shake our booties and sing along to their lively set.  They started off with farting noises, as if the crowd needed any lightening up, and ended with positive reminders to recycle.  What hilarious characters these guys are.  Comprised of two sons of the musically accomplished Neville brothers Aaron and Art we have founder Ivan Neville-vocalist and keyboarder-and his cousin Ian Neville playing rhythm guitar-who continue the legacy of top-notch performance. Keepin it extra funky, Dumpstaphunk has two bass players-Nick Daniel’s and Tony Hall.  And we can’t forget the only lady of the group, Nicki Glasspie who is an absolute rock star on the drums.  This bodacious troupe hails from musical hot spot New Orleans coming together in 2003 to play Jazz Fest. They have been voted best funk band repeatedly and are a highly prized gem of the South.   Last time I had the pleasure of seeing their set was at Toubab’s Krew Carnavalito at Pisgah Brewery. They left me wanting more, especially to see them headline in a more intimate setting.

As the double bass penetrated the crowd there was an immediate response to move. There was a pulse. The crowd was alive, moving together as one funky mass of soul soldiers.  Ivan’s gravely voice demonstrates professional funk meister and the instrumentals seem almost effortless.  Dumpstaphunk supports an organic melody in a family of friends type band who know how to liven up any group of people. The crowd cheered and danced a little harder to Dumpsta’s cover of David Bowie’s “Fame.”  We chanted the mantra of  “Put it in da dumpsta” throwing all our sorrows away.  It’s really quite simple, these guys are fun.

Dumpstaphunk not only interacted with the crowd by having them sing along, but invited the ladies to come on stage at the beginning of the end.  It was a mess but a hilarious, pretty little mess and the girls now had an experience to boast about to their friends.  Nikki showed off her skills with a drum solo and the band played a predictable encore.  I will never turn down a dumpstaphunk show, unless I lose my legs (THAT would suck), because dancing is the best part.  I burned a shit load of calories, my face hurt from smiling and I made some friends along the way.  How could you go wrong?

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